International Marketing Intern - Ceylon Organic Spice Exports

Please note that experience is not required for this position!!

Ceylon Organic Spice Exports is one of Sri Lanka's leading organic exporters. Agri Products Joint Ceylon is the world's largest supplier of organic cinnamon (Pure Ceylon, real cinnamon) and the country's leading nutmeg and mace exporter with aflatoxin and ochratoxin assurances. Organic and Fairtrade Ceylon cinnamon, black pepper, white pepper, dehydrated green pepper, nutmegs, mace, cloves, clove stems, lemon grass, curry leaves, Vanilla, turmeric, ginger, and Organic moringa are the major spice ingredients. JAPC exporting organic coconut products, organic dehydrated fruits, organic essential oils, and organic teas.

If you are keen on marketing & meanwhile prefer to join in the export sector, please send your CV to

International Marketing Intern vacancy at Ceylon Organic Spice Exports

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